Alpha 3.20 Is LIVE....But BROKEN - Fixes Already Out & Major Cargo Changes | Star Citizen Sunday

In this episode of Star Citizen Sunday, the focus is on the major updates coming to the Cargo system, introducing physical loading and unloading of items and changes to the inventory system. While the release of Alpha 3.20 brought some issues, a patch was released to address them, and the show also included discussions with the audio team and community questions.

In this episode of Star Citizen Sunday, the focus is on the major updates coming to the Cargo system in the game. The developers are aiming to make the cargo system dynamic enough to support all the different missions, goals, and ambitions of the players. The system will involve physical loading and unloading of cargo onto ships, allowing players to choose how to place items in their cargo holds. Additionally, there will be changes to the inventory system, requiring players to physically interact with lockers or cupboards to store and retrieve items.

The introduction of physical inventory organization and storage will have various implications for gameplay. It will add immersion to activities like looting derelicts or searching for specific items after being rescued. The changes will also have a significant impact on logistics, allowing players to hire NPCs or other players to transport items. Different boxes can be loaded with specialized equipment for different types of missions, making it easier for players to retrieve the necessary items. Convenient item banks will be available at landing zones for storing small items.

The Hangar Kiosk will be introduced as a way to manage the inventory and cargo in a convenient manner. Players will have the option to manually load and unload cargo themselves, hire NPCs or players to do it for them, or bring along friends to help. While waiting for cargo to load, players will have various activities to engage in, such as playing games, managing ship systems, planning routes, and even leaving the ship to do other missions or socialize.

The release of Alpha 3.20 brought some issues, particularly with the inventory not loading properly. A patch was released to address these issues. While some players experienced smooth gameplay, others found it unplayable. It seems to be a case-by-case issue. The Seat and the Fury LX were also made available for sale in the game. The roadmap was updated, and the Squadron 42 monthly report was posted. The Star Citizen Live show featured a chat with members of the audio team, discussing their work in the industry.

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