7 year old STAR WARS Game Project is born again

The video discusses the end of Electronic Arts’ exclusive rights to produce Star Wars games, leading to the development of new games by different studios. It highlights the announcement of a partnership between Lucasfilm Games and Skydance New Media, led by Amy Hennig, to revive a previously cancelled Star Wars game project, generating excitement among fans.

In this video, the narrator shares exciting news about the development of a new Star Wars game. They express their frustration with Electronic Arts (EA) and their exclusive rights to produce Star Wars games, which led to a lack of quality games in recent years. However, the narrator reveals that with the end of EA’s exclusive rights, there are now several Star Wars games in development by different studios.

The narrator mentions Star Wars Eclipse, an upcoming game set in the High Republic era, and hopes that it won’t be influenced by the controversial Lucasfilm Story Group. They also mention an open-world Star Wars game being developed by Ubisoft, but details about it are currently limited. The main focus of the video is a new game announced in partnership between Lucasfilm Games and Skydance New Media.

The narrator highlights the significance of this partnership, as Skydance New Media is being led by Amy Hennig, who has a successful track record with games like the Uncharted series. They discuss how this new game has been in development for years, previously canceled under EA, but now revived with Hennig’s studio. The partnership gives Lucasfilm more control over the creative process and allows them to license out the Star Wars IP to promising projects.

While the narrator acknowledges that the game is still a long way from release, possibly taking five to seven years, they express excitement about the return of a game project that was once known as “Project Ragtag.” They believe that with Hennig’s creative direction, the game has a promising future. The video ends with a call for fans to be patient and an invitation for viewers to share their thoughts and excitement about the upcoming Star Wars game in the comments.

Overall, the video discusses the end of EA’s exclusive rights to produce Star Wars games and the subsequent resurgence of various upcoming Star Wars games, including a game in partnership with Skydance New Media led by Amy Hennig. The narrator expresses gratitude to supporters and emphasizes the significance of this new game project, while acknowledging the lengthy development process and the anticipation of fans.