3305 Elite Dangerous - Walking Inside Sidewinder, Hacking Protest, Advanced Weapon Release

In this episode of 3305 Elite Dangerous, ObsidianAnt discusses the release of a fan-made video showcasing the interior of the Sidewinder ship, a player protest highlighting cheating and hacking issues, Frontier’s email addressing account problems, and the completion of the “Bridging the Gap” interstellar initiative, resulting in the availability of the advanced mortar cannon.

In this episode of 3305 Elite Dangerous, ObsidianAnt discusses several noteworthy topics. The first is a fan-made video that showcases the interior of the Sidewinder ship. The video, which took nine months to create, offers a detailed look at the ship’s layout and animations, providing a glimpse of what walking around ships might be like in the future of Elite Dangerous.

Next, ObsidianAnt reports on a player protest in the game against cheating and hacking issues. A player piloted a Beluga ship into Jameson Memorial and blocked the docking hatch, demonstrating the inability of station defenses to destroy the ship due to infinite shields. This protest aimed to highlight Frontier’s perceived lack of action in addressing cheating and hacking issues, leaving players questioning why immediate action was not taken.

The third topic involves an email sent by Frontier to certain players regarding an upcoming change to their game accounts. The email stated that Frontier would unlink the affected Frontier accounts from any associated Steam accounts due to a problem. Players were assured that they could regain access by following steps to link their Frontier and Steam accounts again.

Lastly, ObsidianAnt mentions the completion of the first interstellar initiative called “Bridging the Gap.” The result of this initiative is the availability of a new weapon called the advanced mortar cannon. This weapon has configurable ammunition options, specifically effective against Thargoids. Though some players have expressed their disappointment with its performance, as seen in recent livestreams, others have shared mixed opinions.

Overall, this episode covers fan-made ship interior videos, a player protest against cheating and hacking, a Frontier email addressing account issues, and the completion of the first interstellar initiative and the release of a new weapon.