3305 Elite Dangerous - New Player Minor Factions, Frontier's AGM, Scourge Decal

Frontier has opened registration for players to request becoming minor factions in Elite Dangerous, with acceptance determined by the company. The CEO, David Braben, hinted at a codebase renewal for the game and a paid expansion during Frontier’s Annual General Meeting, while a cosmetic item called the Scourge decal was temporarily removed due to crashes.

Frontier has opened up registrations for player minor factions in Elite Dangerous. Players can now request to become a minor faction within the game, similar to NPC minor factions. However, acceptance is not guaranteed and Frontier will decide whether to accept or decline the request. To be considered, players need to have a player group or squadron with at least ten members, choose a faction name related to Elite law and fiction, and select three potential star systems for the faction’s location.

In a recent Twitter post, a user gave a write-up of Frontier’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) where they discussed the company and its games with investors. In particular, David Braben, the CEO of Frontier, mentioned that Elite Dangerous was his firstborn and that the codebase will be renewed with a paid expansion. This suggests that a rewrite for Elite Dangerous may be in the works, addressing current and future issues.

A recent cosmetic item called the Scourge decal was temporarily removed from the game due to crashing issues. Additionally, players noticed that the logo in-game differed from the one initially previewed by Frontier. Frontier has confirmed that the in-game logo is the correct version.

This episode of 3305 wraps up with a thank-you to viewers and a reminder to stay tuned for future updates. With limited information on what 2020 will bring for Elite Dangerous, the community eagerly grasps at any tidbits of information they receive.