3.23.1 Update "WILD!" All Medical Beds Can Respawn! This Is Not A Bug

The 3.23.1 update for “WILD!” allows players to respawn at all medical beds intentionally, with tier-specific respawn ranges. Players must now have their own equipment ready upon respawning, as automatic undersuit and helmet provision has been removed, encouraging strategic preparation for respawning scenarios.

In the latest update 3.23.1 for “WILD!”, all medical beds can now respawn players. This change is intentional and not a bug. The aim of this update is to provide players with a smoother experience when getting back into action after respawning. All medical beds can now be set as a respawn location within certain range limitations based on their size and tier. Tier 3 medical beds allow respawning up to 20 km away, while tier 2 medical beds now allow respawning up to 50 km away, an increase from the previous 20 km limit for tier 2 beds.

The current respawn distance values will be monitored for balance and adjusted if necessary in future updates. Players respawning at medical beds will do so without their equipment that they dropped upon death. This means players need to be prepared with extra stored equipment or retrieve their dropped items from their corpse upon respawning. It’s important to note that healing capabilities for all medical beds will remain the same despite the respawn changes.

Players respawning on the Carrick or in any jump will no longer automatically be given a set of undersuit and helmet. This change is part of the update, requiring players to be prepared with their own equipment for respawning. While this may seem like a drawback, especially for medical gameplay scenarios, it encourages players to plan ahead and be equipped for any respawning situations. Overall, this adjustment aims to enhance the gameplay experience and add a layer of preparation and strategy for players engaging in respawning activities.

The update signifies a shift in gameplay dynamics, urging players to be more mindful of their equipment and preparedness for respawning at medical beds. The changes introduced in 3.23.1 offer a more balanced and strategic approach to respawning, with tier-specific respawn ranges and the requirement for players to have their own equipment ready. It is recommended for players to adapt to these changes and ensure they have the necessary gear stored or accessible to facilitate a smooth respawning process.

In conclusion, the 3.23.1 update for “WILD!” brings significant adjustments to respawning mechanics, particularly regarding medical beds. Players can now respawn at any medical bed within specific range limitations based on the bed’s tier. The removal of automatic undersuit and helmet provision upon respawning adds a layer of challenge and preparation for players. This update encourages players to strategize and be equipped for respawning scenarios, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.