3.19 Is INCREDIBLE! - Component Removal, MAJOR Mining Changes, Salvage Missions | Star Citizen Leaks

Video discussing the two patches released for Alpha 3.19 in Star Citizen, covering salvaging contracts, Lorville Skyline 2.0, the updated tractor beam, and mining balance version 0.1. The speaker notes that the salvaging contract missions consist of scraping a derelict or husk in a junkyard or debris field to sell the RMC, with variants based on lawful or lawless factions. The speaker also mentions that the Lorville Skyline 2.0 update aims to create a visual identity for the city skyline and add additional signage around the landings, as well as moving the location of Area 18’s Asop terminals closer to the hangar elevators.

Regarding the updated tractor beam, the speaker explains that it allows players to attach and detach items to swap out, replace, restock or sell for profit, and highlights the importance of this feature for the game. Finally, the mining balance version 0.1 update involves sweeping balance changes to sell prices, refining effectiveness and costs, component stats, multi-crew mining efficiency, mineable difficulties and masses, and resource distribution, with the aim of making multi-crew mining more attractive and evening out all materials to make them more lucrative.