200 Players for Star Citizen Soon Evocati Test Next Week?

In the upcoming test for Star Citizen, there are rumors that it will involve 200 players at the same time, which is something that hasn’t been done before. The test is specifically for Evocati, and it is scheduled to happen on Tuesday, June 27th. There will be several phases to the test, including spawning at Horizon Station, staying within ships at Crusader L1, flying to ArcCorp on Daymar, and engaging in combat at GrimHex or Port Olisar. After the combat phase, players will be encouraged to go to random locations to see how the servers handle the increased spread of players.

The developers at Cloud Imperium Games are interested in seeing how the servers will respond during the test. They will be analyzing data captured during the phases to evaluate the performance of clients and servers. This test will provide valuable data for networking and server optimization, potentially leading to the ability to have even more players in the game in the future. It is not confirmed whether the test will be in the 3.20 build of the game, and it is indicated that this is just a test and not a guarantee of what the final product will look like. However, the recent 3.19.1 build has shown promising server performance improvements.