10 Star Citizen 3.20 Changes They Didn't Tell You About

In a video, Salty Mike reveals ten undisclosed changes coming to Star Citizen 3.20. These include the introduction of the Drake Vulture salvage ship, optimized NPCs in cities, menu customization options, changes to keybinds, mixed feedback on scanning in dark places, updates to industry ships, improvements to the tractor beam and mining mechanics, and more manageable salvage missions with valuable cargo.

In this video, Salty Mike discusses ten updates coming to Star Citizen 3.20 that players may not be aware of. Firstly, a new ship called the Drake Vulture is available for purchase as an entry-level salvage ship. It is priced at over 1.2 million credits, providing players with a more affordable option compared to the Prospector.

NPCs in cities have been optimized, resulting in more active and realistic behavior. This includes NPCs walking around and being more engaged in their surroundings. However, players have also experienced server stuttering, which may be related to these optimizations.

Some noteworthy menu options have been introduced, allowing players to customize their gaming experience. They can choose to hide friend requests or disable them entirely. Party invites can also be accepted or rejected, and these options extend to currency transfers as well.

Keybinds have undergone changes, such as R no longer being used to turn on ships. Instead, it now targets the closest enemy. This alteration may cause inconveniences with other software, like Nvidia Shadowplay, and players are advised to modify this setting to avoid conflicts.

Some changes have received mixed feedback, including the scanning ping no longer being effective for navigating in dark places or at night. It has become challenging to see obstacles on the planet’s surface without being extremely close to them. Furthermore, industry ships, such as the Prospector, Vulture, and Hull C, seem to have received increased boost fuel capacity, possibly in anticipation of future combat scenarios.

Other significant updates include a temporary buff to the tractor beam, allowing it to lift larger cargo boxes. Moreover, players can now check the contents of cargo boxes when using the tractor beam, enhancing their ability to prioritize logistics. In the mining profession, instability no longer affects the laser’s power but instead influences the charge rate. This change adds more skill and variety to mining activities.

Finally, salvage missions have become more manageable, as players no longer need to extensively scrape the hull of a ship to complete them. However, it is suggested that reputation should play a role in mission progression in the future. Additionally, cargo boxes available in salvage missions have received a significant buff, making them highly valuable and potentially causing fierce competition among players.

Overall, these updates in Star Citizen 3.20 aim to enhance gameplay and improve the players’ quality of life, with increased ship variety, enhanced NPC behavior, customization options, and changes to keybinds, mining, and salvage mechanics.